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Markit Health has over 20 years of experience within the natural health marketplace. While our core business is producing and marketing premier nutritional supplements to consumers and health care professionals we also offer expertise in the following areas. From product development, manufacturing, brokering, wholesale to direct consumer sales. 

Product Manufacturing

We use several labs to manufacture our products in various forms including capsules, tablets, chews, liquid and pearls. All Markit Health supplements are manufactured using Good Manufacturing Practices set forth by the US Food and Drug Administration. In addition, both scheduled and surprise inspections by the Quality Assurance staff during different aspects of the manufacturing process help to ensure specific quality, strength and purity for both the raw materials and the finished supplements.

Wholesale Marketing

Whether you are looking to use a brokerage company or wish to sell directly to retailers, Markit Health can guide you to your desired end result. We are an approved vendor to GNC in the franchise division as well as a five star rated preferred vendor with Amazon.

Public Relations Trade Shows

We have excellent relationships with editors of some of the largest health newsletters and magazines in both online and print media. We can provide you with article creation and article placement. We also attend several natural products tradeshows, regional vitamin and health expos and regional shows for Integrative and naturopathic health professionals.

Medical Sales

We have product relationships with hundreds of CAM/Integrative medicine professionals. We currently have over 50 independent representatives in the field and are able to seamlessly integrate new products. We can assist you with segmenting the market by offering a medical health professional branded label.

Web Development

Our team can produce both informative product websites as well as Ecommerce sites that are professionally designed to convert visitors into customers. These programs include, web site creation, SEO built in content, shopping cart integration and consumer tracking.

Online Marketing

Markit Health operates over 50 websites in the nutraceutical/functional foods market place. We are a five star rated preferred vendor with Amazon. With over 20 years of experience in online marketing we know exactly where advertising fees should and should not be placed. Slick online agencies often waste large percentages of the marketing budget on programs that have been proven to give little or no ROI.


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